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Think outside the booth! Promote your product to beauty professionals before, during and after the shows through a variety of digital and on-site sponsorship opportunities at competitive prices.

Before The Show

Email Exclusive

Create your own custom designed email, which will be sent to Premiere’s database including both current and past attendees. Email designed by sponsor and is subject to approval.

3 Weeks Prior to Show: $1,500

Email Banner Ad

Place your banner proudly on official show emails! Capture customers’ attention before they arrive.


Website Banner Ad

Capture your target audience before the show! Banner location available on high traffic pages of Premiere's website.


Show Preview Ads

Promote your company in the Show Preview brochure! Your 4-color ad will be included in BOTH the printed version mailed in advance, as well as the digital version posted online + promoted via email and social channels.

1/2 page: $1,250
Full page: $2,000

Show Pass Confirmation Promotion

Do you have a show special or discount you’d like to promote? Want to connect directly to attendees? Look no further than to advertise your show special on attendees Show Pass confirmation email. Get directly in the hands of beauty pros and build traffic at your booth!


Day of Show Program Ads

Direct traffic to your booth, relay information about your company and leave an impression. Your advertisement will be included in the printed program available at the show, as well as the digital version promoted in advance.

1/2 page: $750
1/2 Page Floorplan Foldout: $1,600
Full page: $1,600
Full page (Inside Front or Inside Back Cover): $1,800
Full page (Outside Back Cover): $3,000

Sponsored Instagram Post

Promote your company or product on @PremiereBeautyShows Instagram (50K followers), including NEW bonus exposure on our website with main page posts. 

Story: $850
Main Page: $750 / $850 starting 3 weeks prior to show

Sponsored Facebook Post

Promote your company or product on @PremiereBeautyShows Facebook feed (47k followers).

$650 / $750 starting  3 weeks prior to show

Know Before You Go - Email Ad

Make your presence known! Our Know Before You Go email is attendees' guide to Premiere San Antonio. 


During The Show

Column Wrap

These wraps are placed in strategic locations inside the convention center lobby for maximum visibility. Column wraps allow for a prominent, custom display of vertical graphics.


Mobile App

Get your message to attendees using the Premiere Mobile App to plan their day and navigate the show. In-app banner ads and push notifications are available. Maximum purchase of 1 push notification per day.

Banner ad: $850
Push notification: $1,100

Registration Sponsor - SOLD

Ensure maximum branding with multiple exposures – online and in person. Welcome visitors registering with the most dominant branding opportunity available. Logo included proudly on Premiere's Website, Registration Open Email, as well as on all attendee's Show Pass Email Confirmations. Plus... reinforce your messaging with the included custom panels located at the show pass assistance and service desks. Exclusive opportunity!


Competition Sponsor- Headliner

Professional hair, barber, nail and make-up artists show off their artistry for a chance to win prizes and industry recognition. Connect your brand with these top artists and Premiere’s competition promotions through a Headliner or Award sponsorship. Sponsorship gives you wide recognition in competition ads including show preview, show program, website, social media and onsite signage.


Competition Sponsor- Awards

  • Logo placement on-Show Preview Ad – direct mailed to industry professionals
  • Website competition page, including rules and regulations packet
  • Trophies & medallions
  • Competition step & repeat and on-site signage
  • Complimentary exhibitor listing upgrade in Day of Show Program


Escalator Graphic

Place your company logo and graphics on escalators carrying attendees to and from the exhibit hall and classroom entrances.

Center Steel: $3,000
Side Glass: $6,000

Exhibitor List Upgrade

Stand out from the crowd! Upgrade your company in the Day-of-Show Program listing and the official Mobile App.


Publication Distribution Bin

Distribute your magazine, catalog, or promotional literature to attendees by sponsoring a shared publication bin. Sponsorship includes placement of your publication within the busy show lobby, along with promotional graphics included.


Carpet Logo

Showcase your company logo for everyone to see on Premiere's Main Aisle. Large in size at 10’ x 10’, your company logo will appear for everyone to see! Logo and artwork provided by sponsor will be printed on your preferred background color.


Experience Lounge - Manicure Station

Introduce your nail products to beauty professionals with a complimentary manicure within the Premiere Experience Lounge. This space will be dedicated to your brand and promoted through the Premiere marketing channels. Includes: Half Day Activation, dedicated space in lounge, Signage, Chairs, Electricity, Promo via Premiere Marketing Channels. *Manicure materials to be provided by sponsor or an alternative to be mutually agreed on.

1/2 Day Rate: $1,500

Barber Stage Panels

Promote your brand at the Premiere San Antonio barber stage utilizing an 8x10 free standing graphic. Graphics will be placed surrounding the stage seating area, facing toward the highest traffic aisle in the area.


Day of Show Email Feature

Be the first exhibitor that attendees see in the morning with our Day of Show email feature. This feature ensures maximum brand recognition to help generate buzz at your booth!


After The Show

Social Posts

Promote your company or product on @PremiereBeautyShows Instagram (50K followers) or Facebook (47K followers).  Instagram provides bonus exposure on our website. 

Facebook: $650
Instagram Story: $850
Instagram Main Page: $750

Exhibitor Marketing Kit

Premiere has provided promotional graphics for exhibitors to utilize. Assets and brand guidelines can be found in our exhibitor marketing kit.

Sponsorship Specifications

All copy and artwork must be approved by show management. Any sponsor assets implying preference or association with show management is not allowed.